From the most innocent of mouths comes the most honest of truths,

given simply, sincerely, and altogether dearly, not yet tainted by the uncouth.

So a son asks of his father, and together they ponder a seeding of knowledge within his youth.

"Daddy, when someone dies, what does it mean? I think they're still alive because I can see them in my dreams."

"And Daddy, why do people hurt one another? I thought we were supposed to love everyone as a brother?"

So a child grows and his queries gain in complexity and depth.

A lifetime of questions may put a father to the test.

But he takes pleasure in knowing that together they are growing, so time will take care of the rest.

"Dad, why are people too ignorant and arrogant? So quick to grab a power so irrelevant?"

"And Dad, how will I ever manage when you pass? For this question surely cannot be of my last!"

So a father turns to his child knowing that his life has just begun, and thusly states, "My son...

These are questions you must answer in self,

but realize that while I'm here, I will do everything I can to help. So when my son poses a question

hopefully his father can provide a lesson, assured that he gave his son understanding in wealth."

"Oh, the words in which you speak make these pains alleviate!

From the path I won't deviate if you lead me straight.

Why if all fathers should impart such thoughts to their sons and daughters

maybe the world would be a better place?"